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Saturday, November 3, 2012



In college and its ruining schedule sometimes, I always wanted to have sembreak. I think sembreak was fun because you always have to rest for fun. You need a break from daily cramming sessions for difficult boardworks in Engineering Math..

This sembreak, I'm always looking forward for a better college experience. I don't want the repeating failing times when it comes to grades. So here are the only few guidelines to look forward to myself to keep me going:

1. Be a fashionista. Still, I have to be aware of the school dress code.Don't show sexy curves ahead.
2.Pass this semester, especially the Integral Calculus.
3. Build a total personality.
4.Save more to my new bank account.
5.Focus on studies. No TV and Facebook allowed during class days.

I also planned for my getups. The following from Chictopia inspired me to make a stylish November
. A 31-day guide for the fabulous me

November 1: Laid back breeze

November 2: Beach Side

November 3 Blue Sky
Denim on denim
November 4 Traveller
Blushing Pink and Chanel
November 5 Girly Flair
November 6 Boyish Side
November 7 Kawaii
November 8 Edgy Rock
November 9 Sassy Pink
November 10 White Crisp
November 11 Beige Classic
November 12 Wild Life
November 13 Sleek Black
November 14 Vintage Romantic
November 15 Fearless
November 16 KPop
November 17 Lady Gaga
Floral & Disco Pants
November 18 Sweet Kiss
November 19 Pretty Rose
November 20 Shirt and Jeans
November 21 Simply Fab
November 22 Peacock
November 23 Nivea
November 24 Manila
November 25 Hip Hop
November 26 Floral Lady
November 27 Style Candy
November 28 Retro
November 29  Secret Crush
November 30 Park Min Young
November 31 Harajuku

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embracing the Glory Days

The Acquaintance party must get-up should have something with elegance and fun but still standout among the rest. I gave the Civil Engineering party a Salsa-inspired looking vibe.I got my hair curled to finish off the bratty attitude of the look. I wore wedges to increase height and for fiercer aura…

Ever wondered how is it ought to be to slowly escape the glory days of teen hood(sweet sixteen,sweet-and-tough seventeen and the last year of glory days, debutante in eighteen) or how is it going to be like when we get matured and get paid with our chosen jobs?The day seems to welcome me to show who I'm going to be. The last year of glory days will expect me to juggle lots of hours for studying, and at the same time balance the precious time with passionate hobbies in music,arts,fashion and writing. The little goal in my life is to make my studying in good condition and focus on making the grade--even if my status today is unconditional. It's hard also to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering but it's worth the sweat if you made it to the finish. I'm also making sure that I'll be ready on different circumstances because I learned that dilly-dallying,cramming and being happy-go-lucky won't help me to pass so it's very important to work for it. Life changing is never complete without telling my newest discovered passion--composing songs! The last song I composed was just finished in couple of hours. The song was all about endless swooning scenarios of a girl to a boy and the same boy swooning to the same girl. The first song I composed is about a newly-discovered puppy love in prom. So I said to myself that I wasn't really now into cheesy puppy love songs but I'm excited to try on something new like patriotic songs and life-changing songs. If I'm blessed enough to have piano and violin lessons, I will grab the opportunity very swift.I still have interest in learning piano though I can freely play without the aid of pieces with notes on each of it. Playing a violin is my ultimate dream and there was a good church mate who offered me to let her daughter teach me for free but the problem is I don't have a violin.Arts is my bestfriend ,and that bestfriend has also friends which are watercolor,pencil,coloured pens and crayons.Because of art, I went to lots of workshops,entertained, created my life story, inspired by others and changed the world. Fashion is perfect to my young age to make a good personality. It is also my way to get accepted by society and to express what I feel to strut around. I don't get pressured by fashion, instead I get inspired by the latest style icons I knew like Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian. Writing is my favorite hobby and same as blogging.In studying, I'm growing to enjoy on loving the course s'more. Glory days will be never complete without friends aside to celebrate with me how young we are still.

There are only few months to go before starting the last year of that so-called "glory days". Life is a choice, and it's up to me what kind of teenage life I will going to have.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheer Him Crazy

I think this was crazier than the craziest thing I did for love: watching all his games in a sports fest, cheer at the top of my lungs and shout the name at the back of his yellow jersey.

Praying for someone you want to win in a game

Mixing it with the best things he can give usually works:) <3

The quote I posted in a social networking site is the effect of my overflowing emotions I had a crushable cutie who is an official ' sporty hunk' volleyball player of our team, and an evidence that I prayed the night before his team won over Mech. Engr Dept. I was wearing sunglasses during his game that I made sure I won't miss it and at the same time for a lame disguise. So what if he caught me watching the game? I have the right to watch,too. The night after the game is a full adrenaline rushy feeling on  me. All this time I'm having a crush on many different scenarios, this was the first time I had an athletic, sports hunk yet effortlessly cute one. My intra murals for me are loading me of overflowing joy to see him playing strongly. He's my ecstasy. Some says " May future ito."( He has the future), "Nasa buhok yan"(The hair has it). Then we would realize life has ups and downs so that the Civil Engr. Dept team failed the Championship game over Electrical Engineering Dept. It's ok. I will still look out for other games he would join for the next three years ( that is if he will join again and he will be still my CRUSH for the next three years) as long as he will be still on team sports (not on on- on-one sports)

I guess I will be not anymore shy to approach him on the next days of school after his stardom