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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheer Him Crazy

I think this was crazier than the craziest thing I did for love: watching all his games in a sports fest, cheer at the top of my lungs and shout the name at the back of his yellow jersey.

Praying for someone you want to win in a game

Mixing it with the best things he can give usually works:) <3

The quote I posted in a social networking site is the effect of my overflowing emotions I had a crushable cutie who is an official ' sporty hunk' volleyball player of our team, and an evidence that I prayed the night before his team won over Mech. Engr Dept. I was wearing sunglasses during his game that I made sure I won't miss it and at the same time for a lame disguise. So what if he caught me watching the game? I have the right to watch,too. The night after the game is a full adrenaline rushy feeling on  me. All this time I'm having a crush on many different scenarios, this was the first time I had an athletic, sports hunk yet effortlessly cute one. My intra murals for me are loading me of overflowing joy to see him playing strongly. He's my ecstasy. Some says " May future ito."( He has the future), "Nasa buhok yan"(The hair has it). Then we would realize life has ups and downs so that the Civil Engr. Dept team failed the Championship game over Electrical Engineering Dept. It's ok. I will still look out for other games he would join for the next three years ( that is if he will join again and he will be still my CRUSH for the next three years) as long as he will be still on team sports (not on on- on-one sports)

I guess I will be not anymore shy to approach him on the next days of school after his stardom

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