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Saturday, November 3, 2012



In college and its ruining schedule sometimes, I always wanted to have sembreak. I think sembreak was fun because you always have to rest for fun. You need a break from daily cramming sessions for difficult boardworks in Engineering Math..

This sembreak, I'm always looking forward for a better college experience. I don't want the repeating failing times when it comes to grades. So here are the only few guidelines to look forward to myself to keep me going:

1. Be a fashionista. Still, I have to be aware of the school dress code.Don't show sexy curves ahead.
2.Pass this semester, especially the Integral Calculus.
3. Build a total personality.
4.Save more to my new bank account.
5.Focus on studies. No TV and Facebook allowed during class days.

I also planned for my getups. The following from Chictopia inspired me to make a stylish November
. A 31-day guide for the fabulous me

November 1: Laid back breeze

November 2: Beach Side

November 3 Blue Sky
Denim on denim
November 4 Traveller
Blushing Pink and Chanel
November 5 Girly Flair
November 6 Boyish Side
November 7 Kawaii
November 8 Edgy Rock
November 9 Sassy Pink
November 10 White Crisp
November 11 Beige Classic
November 12 Wild Life
November 13 Sleek Black
November 14 Vintage Romantic
November 15 Fearless
November 16 KPop
November 17 Lady Gaga
Floral & Disco Pants
November 18 Sweet Kiss
November 19 Pretty Rose
November 20 Shirt and Jeans
November 21 Simply Fab
November 22 Peacock
November 23 Nivea
November 24 Manila
November 25 Hip Hop
November 26 Floral Lady
November 27 Style Candy
November 28 Retro
November 29  Secret Crush
November 30 Park Min Young
November 31 Harajuku