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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clue In On Cliques: The CENGian Style ( Which CENGian Personlaity Are You?)

[When attitude goes 80% of common sense and 20% of kindness (*wink*) ]

There are two types of personalities in CENG: it's either (1) you're a Math genius or just super duper talented on something (2) or you're one of the class clowns and one of the prank lovers,or just one of the people who wants to be the center of attention. When you think you may not classify yourself any from the two, three words: YOU DON'T BELONG. As simple as that.

But what's on above is just broad and clear generalization according to my observations. What's cool in the campus? We're a mix of personalities according to our strengths and weaknesses, according to our likes and dislikes, according to our interests and etc. Who are they? The Queen Bees, Wanna Be's and everyone in between --can they really all be friends? Learn how to get along with every kind of crowd without feeling the pressure to stick to the status quo !

The Quizbee Regulars:
      Some of us nay get intimidated with their undeniably awesome wit and being unbeatable in the means of academics. Name them: intelligent, brilliant, genius, witty, smart, walking calculator, walking encyclopedia, human know-it-all, geeks and (insert something "brilliant" monicker here)
Upside: Most likely to turn to when the Student Council have problems. Bring pride to school every Quiz Bowl
Downside: They are pressured with their reputation as "geeks" which is they have to get to the DL always.

The Varsity Players
       Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Triathlons ( of triathletes of course, not "try"-athletes), and etc.--name it and the players of CENG mostly gives pride to the campus every BU Week in a good way, at least. Since they are really into sports, competition between friends goes friendly to scary.
Upside: School Delegates who will be the pride of the school.
Downside: Rumored as "dumb jocks". [Note: DOTA players are not included here ]

The Commoners
      No wonder how crowdy the population of CENG is, there is a space for this category. They just get along with the flow, can able to mingle with other group and just contented for being themselves. You know there's a certain group, for example, but in that group there's one who maybe just going " as follower". Follower, in a sense that she have to be in a place where her group is going; she has no identity and perhaps, no uniqueness to flaunt to make her stand out from others; she realizes she's not happy even if she laughs with them because she can't go anywhere without her group, even the bathroom of the Chemical Engineering Department. She's physically unique I mean-- Wilma Doesn't-eque aura. LOL.
Upside: No Labels
Downside: They blend into the whole batch but hardly to be remembered [in the next decades] for anything special.

The Wannabes
      Sound's like " I-Hate-This-Part-But-Here" song of PussyCat Dollsis on our own background music. Yes, I hate this people only in "that" way, but I love to talk about them and squeeze on something like 'juicy' gossips. They act and look like the popular people-slash-'A' crowd but in some reason, aren't part of the "In Crowd". This includes the "unimportant and insecure" people who keeps trying too hard to be on stardom. They are always conscious about what others might think of them, their main goal in this situation is to be "pop friendly" even if it means they are changing themselves from who truly they are. Did I mention they are like copycats, too? They're trying to copy that awesome hairstyle.
Upside: There's no hard time for them to get along with others easily.
Downside: Because they tried too hard, you don't know when they will be sincere; they have no personlaity of their own; another : you hate them today because of their OVERCONFIDENCE.

The Responsible Ones
       Mostly elected as Treasurer, External Vice President, Secretary General or even the org's President, or chosen to represent the school as delegates. Being friendly and reliable is the natural side of them. Even if they are tired and have no mood on a "blah" day, they're still expecting to keep smiling.
Upside: They can get along with " almost" everyone.
Downside: Stressed in pressure to be perfect--or else.

The Populars and A-Crowders
      Now this is more intimidating when he/she's like an overachiever (president, magna cum laude, MVP, Associate Editor of the school paper, Mr. BUCENG 2054/Ms. BUCENG 2099 or any apt to exaggerate long roster of achievements he/she have), or just the most confident of the bunch. This is the clique that most of the people aspire to be with. They've got a lot of rules, stuff that make them seem " exclusive" (like matching statement tees, pins or expressions). Pressure to fit in at its highest in this so-called A-crowd.
Upside: Feeling flattered and overjoyed with praises along attention and adoration
Downside: One wrong move you'll be kicked out in a snap. Everyone knows something about them--but it's too hard to really get to know them if you're not in their group.


The Leech [aka " The Users"]
       These are people who come to you when they urgently need on something, but most of the time has no interest to make that friendship knot with you. In other words, they just only taken you for granted.
(e.g., Chichay only talks to you when she needs your Calculus and Trigonometry book for her summer class; but when you're in need of favor from her, she ignores it. In your block, she's one of the people who is hard to be close with.)

The Snobbish [aka The Sibling of the Wannabes]
       I really really hate people who were too assuming on what they think of themselves. 'Think of it. Come to think of it, would you say "bravo" to someone who freakishly sings that loud ( almost to break the glass window of E-11 and to go on vibrating the black board and chairs of the room). Plus, they are like copycats that sometimes I caught one imitating my cool, fishtail braid hairstyle. So much for that. Another, who among you can't get over to the people who replied carelessly with the most unwanted phrase of  "hu u ?". Then, what if they've texted a professor that way. OMGosh Almighty Wind, how the heaven on earth you can't make your texting muscles send like " Hello. Excuse me. May I know who you are?". That's really appropriate, not just "hu u?"--the snobbish way of blah, like, I can't help to reply like " Yes. Who do you think you are?". Hello? Respect? Are you damn here? Act smartly and don't be a fool to follow the steps of others, I mean, following the wrong practice of what you've learned from others. And it's more pleasant to have more humble phrase " Yes? May I know who's this?"--it's like you're speaking the "Georgina Wilson" socialite way. Perhaps, that's what the real A -crowders do.

The Happy-Go-Lucky [aka Fabulous Procastinators; Irresponsible]
   You may enjoy their apt to exaggerate, "just chillax" nature for a while, but would you just let yourself be influenced by their irresponsible actions? For example: Fifi insisted to borrow your notes in Differential Equation. You don't want to because you'll study, too. Fifi didn't back off from the station she's standing right now. Worse, she's too kuripot to spend bucks for the photocopy of your notes and insisted to bring it home instead . Fifi promised to give it to you the next day. The next day, Fifi forgot to give it to you. Sometimes, we just wanted to be cautious enough to get rid off people with no presence of mind at all--no matter how kind they were. You may forgive Fifi, but you can't pull back the hours to study DE that early.

Note: I am not moralizing people. The view is clearly based on experience. And when you go back to the times my blood go boiling up to 101 centigrade, write ups like this really go effective. It's not too late to let people see the other side of you and don't just stick on what people really tell about you. Don't let people define for who you are. CENGians are all strong after all. Once a CENGian will be forever a CENGian. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rationalist, Empiricist or Skeptic? (Reflecting to the idea of Theory of Knowledge)

Rationalist, Empiricist or Skeptic?

(Reflecting to the idea of Theory of Knowledge)

      Everyone has its own field of knowledge. Everyone has a talent or various types of talents in unison. How about you? What was your way to gain knowledge?  Is it through the freedom of mind to reason alone and be alone independently without senses, the gain of learning from experience, or the act of inquiring for more possible answers? Determining myself which type of theory of knowledge I belong, is it possible to pull out all options like encircling a letter with a statement of “all of the above”? Because, there’ always a part of me on every theory like there’s a part of having an inborn talent, th part of ‘I got stinky, I got dirty but still I learned’ sense and the ‘every time-you -are-curious-with-something’ part—which considered to be skeptic. This determined way of finding the type of knowledge of oneself may yield to which type describes me the most—the best proposition to prefer yet.
       There are three kinds of theory of knowledge, namely (1) Rationalism, (2) Empiricism and (3) Skepticism. Rationalism is the knowledge based on reason. It talks about the theory that the mind may apprehend some truths directly without requiring the medium of senses and relies on the idea that reality has a rational structure in that all aspects of it can be grasped through mathematical and logical principles, and not simply through sensory experience. One illustrative example about me of this is what you learn from school especially in Science books that the law of Inertia, Acceleration and the Action and Reaction wherein you know the theories because early scientists examined already about it and already been taught to students who understand that the theories are true and proven. Same in the Geometry subject case, numerous theorems and postulates were found and there are steps to prove it true. I’ve been reading books because of leisure and also a geeky learning process in disguise, and you learn something that you can apply in life later automatically that every learning becomes a theory in life. Rationalists adopt at least one of the three man claims, the following are: (a) Intuition or Deduction, (b) Innate Knowledge and (c) Innate concepts. Some propositions are knowable by us by intuition alone, while others are knowable by being deduced for intuited propositions. When we say intuition and deduction, the former stated to be the ability to understand or now something by using your feelings rather than be carefully considering the facts. There are times we have to be sensitive and to put our heart on our sleeve in a place where we belong. The use of intuition alone can yield to an example that scientist A proved something before that scientist B used his own feelings to determine the truthfulness of the theory and proved scientist A is wrong and scientist B stated the new theorem. The latter (deduction) explains that it is the process of making a judgment about something, based on the information that you have. Going to the innate knowledge, some rationalists claim that we gained innate knowledge in an earlier existence, some that God provided us with it at creation, and others that it is part of nature through natural selection. This best describes people who believe some gained an inborn knowledge or an inborn talent which considers a person to e a child prodigy or a gifted child. A good example is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who played piano at the age of three. Everyone has a talent. I was playing piano and someone complimented me “ you had an inborn talent, it’s God’s gift to you”. If you’ll be a rationalist this time, you will consider the miracle of how the Lord supplemented your welcoming to the world with a Gift of Talent. But if you’ll be a non-rationalist, you will damn chuckle to the bones that if it is inborn, you’ve gotta see the new born baby play piano wonderfully and be talkative and tell the baby’s ‘rents “Mama! Papa!”. In this case, rationalism is contrasted with empiricism.

     Empiricism is knowledge based on experience. It emphasizes the role of experience and evidence, especially sensory perception, in the formation of ideas and argues that the only knowledge humans can have is a proton (based on experienced). An innate idea is born with ideas or knowledge and is not a “blank slate” at birth. John Locke stated that “Idea is an object of thought” and argued in his “ An Essay Concerning Human Understanding of 1690 that the mind is a tabula rasa on which experience leave their marks and therefore denied that humans have innate ideas or that anything is knowable without reference to experience. Bishop George Berkley stated a very extreme form of Empiricism in which things only exist either as a result of being perceived, or by virtue of the fact that they are an entity doing the perceiving; argued that the continued existence of things results from the perception of God, regardless of whether there are humans around or not, and any order humans may see in nature is effectively just the handwriting of God. The theory of empiricism is a lot genuine in the real world where we use our senses to perceive things and learnings are made through experience. This theory support the overused saying “Experience is the best teacher” and people who support the idea can have the chances to become empiricists. So, playing piano is based on learnings that you apply and, teaching the process little by little. You can’t perceive something you don’t know. No experience, no idea. No idea, no knowledge. Knowledge without experience is only a belief. We only learn when we do it through experience. Through experience, we grow up smarter in our lives and yield us to always do the right thing. From, past, we learn from something we did wrong and in order to put our lives on a right track, we should be better in future.

      If you feel like not taking sides, try skepticism. Skeptics are looking for tranquility or peace of mind yet they have the attitude tending to doubt or not to believe what other people tell them. In skepticism, there is no certainty or to now the world as it really is. We could identify who are skeptics any of the following: (1) those who claimed discovered the truth, (2) those who claimed doesn’t know the truth, (3) those who persevere for the search of truth. As a writer before in a school publication and self-confessed blog addict, I’m skeptic in a way that I have the responsibility to know the truth and therefore I’m in search of truth. But in most cases, I couldn’t consider myself as skeptic I a way I’m obsessed to see for more information rather than believing what people are saying. Moreover, the fundamental principle of skepticism is the suspension of judgment principle which tells something that you have to choose something to believe or but you don’t have to choose because you’re not taking sides. You’re neutral.

     To be more specific, I would rather declare myself as an empiricist because I believe ideas can be perceived through senses and knowledge is based on experience. Empiricism is nearer in real life.

Friday, January 25, 2013

RATED SPG: Reproductive Morality Bomb (Temptation or Abstinence ?)

                        RATED SPG:  Reproductive Morality Bomb
                                                          (Temptation or Abstinence  ?)

        The  issue  is  said  to  be  the  argumentative  turmoil  between  the  state  and  the  church.  According  to  the  Philippine  Constitution  under  Article  III  Section  VI,  “  No  law  shall  be  made respecting  an  establishment  of  religion  or prohibiting  the  free  exercise  thereof.  The  free  exercise  and  enjoyment  of  religious  profession  and  worship,  without  discrimination  or  preference,  shall  forever  be  allowed.  No  religious  test shall  be  required  for  the  exercise  of  the  civil  and  political  rights ”.  The  church  has  its  own  attitude  to  defend  their  so-called  “  No  to  Reproductive  Health  Bill ”  slogan.  In  this  case,  the  government  subtly  let  the  church  fight  their  own  stand and  developed  it  largely  to  the  mass  of  people  in  order  for  people  to  be  against  the  bill.  But the  government  is  widely  concerned  with  the  people  of  the  state,  especially  about  poverty, mortality  rate  and  maybe,  the  payment  for  the  baptism  of  every  baby  to  be  born.

      It  is  immoral  for  people  to  undergo  surgeries  on  permanent  birth  control.  Birth  control  inventions  like  contraceptives  are  just  like  to  be  so  much  hassle  depending  how  people  would  control the  activity.  Pills  could  have,  well,  the  side  effect  before  knowing  it  could  control  fertility  alone.  Do  you  know  the  birth  control  with  a  very  small  figure,  which  is  really thin?  About  a  half  of  matchbox  wide  and  thin  like  a  sheet  of  paper,  the  contraceptive  is  used  for  women   to  paste  it  anywhere  like  at  the  buttocks,  back,  or  anywhere  the  prescriptions  says.  I  knew  about  it  when  I  spotted  the  contraceptive  ad  from  a  European  Magazine.  At  the  back  of  the  ad,  it’s  been  fully  peppered  with  the  very littlest  of  details  of  guidelines  to  use  the  contraceptive  with  security.  To  be  nationalistic  for  a  very  short  moment,  it’s  vaguely  to  see  who  are  conservative  and  who are  the  liberated  ones.  During  the  Spanish  colonial  period,  women  in  their  baro’t saya  and  embroidered  fans  on  their  hands  are  mostly  shy  type  and  reserved  in  terms  of  being  courted.  Today,  people  are  very  modern  especially in  the  Western  Countries  by  which  adolescent  couples  tend  to  plan  a  sexual  activity  in  a  prom  night.  Turns  out,  many  experienced  unwanted  pregnancies  and  cried  out  after  doing  the  lust  of  flesh.  A  taboo  to  mention,  Western  men  we’re  been  told  “  Don’t  forget  your  rubbers! ” with  their  grin  on  their  faces.  Not  to  make  you  laugh  but  realize  how  really  bad  the  world  is.  When  a  country  allows  every  citizen  to  bring  themselves  with contraceptives,  it  equates  on  a  situation  that  people  could  be  abusive  to  have  a  intercourse  with  anyone  despite  of  having  bothered  wives  on  the  other hand.  They  we’re  not  only  adults  but  also  teenagers  who  are  very  curious  and  can’t  wait  to  try  the  same.  Focusing  on  the  more  serious  procedures  of  birth  control,  vasectomy  for  men  and  ligation  for  women  are  just  too  painful  to imagine  to  people  who  had  undergone  surgeries.  In  the  Bible,  it  is  mentioned  that  the  Temple  of God is  our  body,  therefore,  it  should  keep  it  Holy. Meaning,  we  have  to  take  care  of  ourselves  and  even  the  private  parts should  be  handled  with  more  TLC.  Therefore,  the  process of  vasectomy  and  ligation  are  immoral though  it  could  help  birth  control  of  whatever  couples  anted  to  do  just  to  be  good  in  bed.  God  invented  sex  only  for married  couples,  and  not  given  to  the  “  not- yet –married  ”  ones.

     On  December  30, 2012,  the  Manila  Bulletin  issued  having  the  headline  “  Palace  Seeks   Reconciliation:  Prelate  Decries  ‘Moral  Time  Bomb’  As  Aquino  Signing  Of  RH  Law  Is  Confirmed  “.  Highlighting  important  statements  of  the  of  the  article,  it  says  “  MalacaƱang  called  for  reconciliation  (yesterday)  after  the  Responsible  Parenthood  and  Reproductive  Health  (RH)  Act  of  2012,  Republic  Act  (RA)  10354,  was  signed  into  law by  President  Benigno  S.  Aquino  III  despite  bitter  opposition  from  the  Catholic  church.  Church  leader  promptly  criticized  the  move  take  taken  by  the  President,  with  a  member  of  the  Catholic  Bishops’  Conference  of  the  Philippines  (CBCP)  saying  that  Aquino  will  be  known  as  the  one  ‘  who  planted  a  moral  time  bomb  in  a  Catholic  country?  ”.  Will  the  Philippines  be  like  what  Western  Countries  are  ?  Although  it  would  help  lessen  the  mortality  rate  and  poverty,  is  it  moral  to  have  contraceptives  on  hand  or  undergo  painful  vasectomy  or  ligation ?  Is  it  moral  to  have  flings  and  be  confident  that  you will  never  make  someone  pregnant  ?  The  tools  for  anti-fertility  may  have  the  side  effect  of  having  not  able  to  give  birth  the  next  time  you  planned to  have  an  off-spring.  What  if  you  couldn’t  able  to  give  birth  after  you  had  abused  yourself  earlier  in  taking  birth  control  pills ?

    Unwanted  pregnancies yield to  abortion  by  pregnant  moms  who  don’t  want  to continue  their  fetus’  lives  just  to  save  their  careers  ( if  the  carrier  was  required  to  a  career  for  single  ladies  only)  or  just  another  thought  of  no mercy,  bringing  down  the  human  seed  (  read:  embryo  )  to the  unmerciful,  usually  old-aged  abortionists.  Miscarriage  is different  from  abortion.  RH  Bill  not  only  talks  about  the  control  of  human  population  but  also  the  responsible  parenthood.  And  the  responsible  parenthood  shall in  the  wise  and  responsible  family  planning  where in  raising  an  offspring  shall  be  a  major  priority  from  infancy  up  to  young  adulthood.  Now  the  most  significant  leader  of  the  Republic  of  the  Philippines  claimed  RH  Bill  effective,  still,  I’m  not  favor  of  the  usage  of  contraceptives  and  birth  control  painful  surgeries.  The  key  for  good  parenting  is  knowing  how  to  plan  every  birth  with  even  brighter  future.  No  one  ever  dreamed  to  be  in  a  squatter’s  area.  In  short,  it  is  only  how  you  observe  discipline  in  everything  you  do.  With  discipline,  you  can  never  go  wrong  to  the  very  climax of  happenings  in  the  Temptation  Island.  You  don’t  play  with  your  flesh  .  You  become  moral  and  dignified  with  your  not  anymore  liberated  moves.  Therefore,  I’m  against  the  law.  But  it’s  already  a  law,  so  you  have  no  choice  but  to  follow. 

    Abstinence.  It  works  everytime.