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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clue In On Cliques: The CENGian Style ( Which CENGian Personlaity Are You?)

[When attitude goes 80% of common sense and 20% of kindness (*wink*) ]

There are two types of personalities in CENG: it's either (1) you're a Math genius or just super duper talented on something (2) or you're one of the class clowns and one of the prank lovers,or just one of the people who wants to be the center of attention. When you think you may not classify yourself any from the two, three words: YOU DON'T BELONG. As simple as that.

But what's on above is just broad and clear generalization according to my observations. What's cool in the campus? We're a mix of personalities according to our strengths and weaknesses, according to our likes and dislikes, according to our interests and etc. Who are they? The Queen Bees, Wanna Be's and everyone in between --can they really all be friends? Learn how to get along with every kind of crowd without feeling the pressure to stick to the status quo !

The Quizbee Regulars:
      Some of us nay get intimidated with their undeniably awesome wit and being unbeatable in the means of academics. Name them: intelligent, brilliant, genius, witty, smart, walking calculator, walking encyclopedia, human know-it-all, geeks and (insert something "brilliant" monicker here)
Upside: Most likely to turn to when the Student Council have problems. Bring pride to school every Quiz Bowl
Downside: They are pressured with their reputation as "geeks" which is they have to get to the DL always.

The Varsity Players
       Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Triathlons ( of triathletes of course, not "try"-athletes), and etc.--name it and the players of CENG mostly gives pride to the campus every BU Week in a good way, at least. Since they are really into sports, competition between friends goes friendly to scary.
Upside: School Delegates who will be the pride of the school.
Downside: Rumored as "dumb jocks". [Note: DOTA players are not included here ]

The Commoners
      No wonder how crowdy the population of CENG is, there is a space for this category. They just get along with the flow, can able to mingle with other group and just contented for being themselves. You know there's a certain group, for example, but in that group there's one who maybe just going " as follower". Follower, in a sense that she have to be in a place where her group is going; she has no identity and perhaps, no uniqueness to flaunt to make her stand out from others; she realizes she's not happy even if she laughs with them because she can't go anywhere without her group, even the bathroom of the Chemical Engineering Department. She's physically unique I mean-- Wilma Doesn't-eque aura. LOL.
Upside: No Labels
Downside: They blend into the whole batch but hardly to be remembered [in the next decades] for anything special.

The Wannabes
      Sound's like " I-Hate-This-Part-But-Here" song of PussyCat Dollsis on our own background music. Yes, I hate this people only in "that" way, but I love to talk about them and squeeze on something like 'juicy' gossips. They act and look like the popular people-slash-'A' crowd but in some reason, aren't part of the "In Crowd". This includes the "unimportant and insecure" people who keeps trying too hard to be on stardom. They are always conscious about what others might think of them, their main goal in this situation is to be "pop friendly" even if it means they are changing themselves from who truly they are. Did I mention they are like copycats, too? They're trying to copy that awesome hairstyle.
Upside: There's no hard time for them to get along with others easily.
Downside: Because they tried too hard, you don't know when they will be sincere; they have no personlaity of their own; another : you hate them today because of their OVERCONFIDENCE.

The Responsible Ones
       Mostly elected as Treasurer, External Vice President, Secretary General or even the org's President, or chosen to represent the school as delegates. Being friendly and reliable is the natural side of them. Even if they are tired and have no mood on a "blah" day, they're still expecting to keep smiling.
Upside: They can get along with " almost" everyone.
Downside: Stressed in pressure to be perfect--or else.

The Populars and A-Crowders
      Now this is more intimidating when he/she's like an overachiever (president, magna cum laude, MVP, Associate Editor of the school paper, Mr. BUCENG 2054/Ms. BUCENG 2099 or any apt to exaggerate long roster of achievements he/she have), or just the most confident of the bunch. This is the clique that most of the people aspire to be with. They've got a lot of rules, stuff that make them seem " exclusive" (like matching statement tees, pins or expressions). Pressure to fit in at its highest in this so-called A-crowd.
Upside: Feeling flattered and overjoyed with praises along attention and adoration
Downside: One wrong move you'll be kicked out in a snap. Everyone knows something about them--but it's too hard to really get to know them if you're not in their group.


The Leech [aka " The Users"]
       These are people who come to you when they urgently need on something, but most of the time has no interest to make that friendship knot with you. In other words, they just only taken you for granted.
(e.g., Chichay only talks to you when she needs your Calculus and Trigonometry book for her summer class; but when you're in need of favor from her, she ignores it. In your block, she's one of the people who is hard to be close with.)

The Snobbish [aka The Sibling of the Wannabes]
       I really really hate people who were too assuming on what they think of themselves. 'Think of it. Come to think of it, would you say "bravo" to someone who freakishly sings that loud ( almost to break the glass window of E-11 and to go on vibrating the black board and chairs of the room). Plus, they are like copycats that sometimes I caught one imitating my cool, fishtail braid hairstyle. So much for that. Another, who among you can't get over to the people who replied carelessly with the most unwanted phrase of  "hu u ?". Then, what if they've texted a professor that way. OMGosh Almighty Wind, how the heaven on earth you can't make your texting muscles send like " Hello. Excuse me. May I know who you are?". That's really appropriate, not just "hu u?"--the snobbish way of blah, like, I can't help to reply like " Yes. Who do you think you are?". Hello? Respect? Are you damn here? Act smartly and don't be a fool to follow the steps of others, I mean, following the wrong practice of what you've learned from others. And it's more pleasant to have more humble phrase " Yes? May I know who's this?"--it's like you're speaking the "Georgina Wilson" socialite way. Perhaps, that's what the real A -crowders do.

The Happy-Go-Lucky [aka Fabulous Procastinators; Irresponsible]
   You may enjoy their apt to exaggerate, "just chillax" nature for a while, but would you just let yourself be influenced by their irresponsible actions? For example: Fifi insisted to borrow your notes in Differential Equation. You don't want to because you'll study, too. Fifi didn't back off from the station she's standing right now. Worse, she's too kuripot to spend bucks for the photocopy of your notes and insisted to bring it home instead . Fifi promised to give it to you the next day. The next day, Fifi forgot to give it to you. Sometimes, we just wanted to be cautious enough to get rid off people with no presence of mind at all--no matter how kind they were. You may forgive Fifi, but you can't pull back the hours to study DE that early.

Note: I am not moralizing people. The view is clearly based on experience. And when you go back to the times my blood go boiling up to 101 centigrade, write ups like this really go effective. It's not too late to let people see the other side of you and don't just stick on what people really tell about you. Don't let people define for who you are. CENGians are all strong after all. Once a CENGian will be forever a CENGian.