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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Genius Heartthrob

If I could say I don't want you to let you go 'Coz ,it's too late for you to see this though in denial It is awkward to tell you that I like you so But there's no need to be perpetually loyal There's a moment I'll never forget When we stared each other at the cafeteria I know it's awkward, don't fret To make it long wasn't an idea. You're the type of real geek nerd Who doesn't need eyeglasses and braces Secretly gushing about you, haven't you heard? Why you're just standing out among faces Who will never be amazed of your out-of-this-world wit And that killer smile turning heads three hundred sixty degrees Who will never be starstruck to see your name on the Dean's List Now it's obvious you're hard to resist. I don't care if you're taken At least you've read this already Seeing you everyday is like heaven Believe it or not ,baby Time pauses by every time you walk in Why you're just genius and charming I'd like to read your brain because of answers Or to read your mind which really matters Hold back and I'm not this addicted to you If this simple crushing to the core will do You're not difficult to idolize to my surprise Especially the times you learn how to smize First time to hear the word smize? It means you're smiling with your eyes One moment you pass and you made me hypnotized To a man like you I really idolize

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm Chichay Tampipi

You are Chichay Tampipi from Got To Believe!

You may look like you don't take things seriously, but you just actually believe that things will always end up fine, so there's no need to stress over it so much. There are days when you feel bad, but instead of walking under a dark cloud all day, you pour your energy into something more productive, like making the people around you happy.

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